We're developing a generation of calm, focused, high-performing leaders and teams with our Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement (MBPE) programs. MBPE was developed and tested over several years, and is based in cognitive development science, focused-based meditation, and team-training best practices.


Our highly sought-after and exclusive coaching program for executives who are looking to take their careers and lives to even higher levels. Intensive work with proven results to give you performance at the top of your game.

  • Different from any other coaching program out there: combines the mental discipline of meditation with deep contemplative work to address and see through personal and professional barriers.

  • Private sessions; limited availability. Available in 16-session packages only.


How much more would your team accomplish if everyone was more focused & less stressed? We can teach anyone the tools to improve their performance & to maintain a solid practice–especially those who think they can't.


*Our signature training program*

  • In two hours, your team will build a solid 5-minutes focused-based meditation practice. Attendees will learn how to train their mind to be calm and focused under any circumstance, as well as proper form, what to do when the mind races or you want to run, and how to use stress and anxiety to your advantage (or any emotion, including anger and sorrow), as opposed to your emotions using you. 

  • We’ll examine peer-reviewed evidence on how meditation results in better performance and success.

    • For example, partners at a multi-national consulting firm earned $1.2M more per year than their counterparts, and GRE students improved scores 16% after meditating for two weeks, a statistically significant improvement (a control group–who just studied harder–had no statistically significant GRE score improvement). Extensive evidence shows that meditating is more effective than working harder.


8-Week follow up modules to our Core-Principles workshop. Team members grow, develop, and extend their focus, mental agility and resilience. In one-hour sessions per week, your team will:

  • Strengthen and hone a meditation practice

  • Examine professional, personal and mental challenges

  • Improve listening and speaking skills

  • Build deeper team relationships

  • Module One: by week 8, your team will significantly improve emotional intelligence, see through ideas of success and failure (stumbling blocks to performance and growth), and reduce stress while increasing productivity.

  • Module Two: by week 16, in addition to having developed a solid 20min/day meditation practice, and gaining statistically significant increases in self-awareness, emotional regulation, learning, and memory, your team will have developed your own in-house, self-sustaining meditation program.


  • Supplemental to Ongoing Team Training and combines seamlessly

  • Confidential one-on-one coaching with a NorthScale coach, who has at least 10 years of intensive focus-based meditation training, is trained in NorthScale's proprietary methods, and is also a trained therapist

    • 40-minutes per private session


Oftentimes a change of scenery or routine is the key to absorbing new information and triggering those “aha” moments. Our workshops and retreats are easily customizable to help you get the most out of our training and help you keep using our tools for improved performance for a long time afterward.

  • Concentrated trainings to improve leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Directly enhance productivity; reduce stress and anxiety

  • Half-day, Full-day, and Multi-day professional workshops and bootcamps designed to meet your team’s needs.

    • Can be held offsite at a beautiful retreat center 90 minutes north of Midtown on the Hudson River.

Public Group Trainings:

  • Varied-length programs to train and develop the basics of a personal meditation practice, with emphasis on how mindfulness improves key management skills like motivation, listening, negotiations, sales, and resiliency in times of stress.

  • Check out our events page for upcoming programs or email us through the button below to schedule your own.


We will be launching our online training programs in 2020. Click below to sign up to be the first to know when they are available.

For any questions on our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our CONTACT page.