NorthScale is a total game changer. I’ve recommended their program to all of my contacts from Tiger 21 and Vistage. For people who have already seen a lot of success in their careers it’s difficult to find ways to improve your skillset even further. My work with NorthScale made it easy to take my performance to the next level.
— Serial Entrepreneur, Board Advisor, Investor
Your perspective shifts while working with NorthScale — there’s an ease and clarity that has become inherent to the way I make decisions now. I’m so much more effective every day with so much less effort than I had put in before.
— CEO and Women In Business Award Winner
This is the most important work I’ve ever done for my career. Working with NorthScale has been a game changer for my performance, situational awareness and adaptability, and sense of daily groundedness. If you’re aiming to take your life to new heights, there’s no better choice than this program.
— Entrepreneur, CEO, Angel Investor, and Harvard Business School MBA

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