Moving ourselves, business and society forward. 

NorthScale is developing an influential network of leaders promoting a mindful, observant and inclusive future for business and society, that is also disciplined, structured and high-performing.

The Mindful Leaders Network launches September 2018 in NYC. Our first 40 members will be our Charter Members - those who helped initiate a future and society of mindful leaders. Members form small groups who meet bi-weekly (every other week) to:

  • Strengthen and hone their meditation practice
  • Examine professional, personal and mental challenges, and
  • Build important relationships with like-minded leaders

Membership is limited to demonstrated leaders, with either an existing meditation practice, or who have taken any of NorthScale's training programs (including any demo):

  • Membership is available on a yearly or quarterly basis
  • Memberships include any books or reading materials we may use


Groups are intimate (limited to 15 participants each) and meet bi-weekly on Weds (8-9:15am), Thurs (7:30-8:45am) or Fri (9-10:15am) mornings. We will add additional groups in 2019.

Once we receive and approve your application, you will receive a request for payment:

  • Charter Members lock in 2018 prices for two years.
  • Yearly: $999 or Quarterly: $275
    • Add 3% for credit card payments ($33 and $8.25, respectively)
  • Membership isn't confirmed until we receive payment. 

Early Birds: The first 20 to register save $100 of their first year's membership ($100 or yearly, or $25 off quarterly memberships for your first 4 consecutive quarters)

*We understand that executive schedules can be hectic and change: while this is an opportunity to commit to yourself and your own mental health and resilience, we give ample opportunities to reschedule and for leave.