Moving ourselves, business, and society forward. 

NorthScale is developing a network of influential leaders promoting a mindful, observant, and inclusive future for business and society – one that is also disciplined, structured, and high-performing.

The Mindful Leaders Society (MLS) is a private network of high performers who meet bi-weekly (twice a month) in small groups to:

  • Strengthen and hone their meditation practice

  • Examine professional, personal and mental challenges, and

  • Build important relationships with like-minded leaders

Membership is limited to demonstrated leaders, with either an existing meditation practice, or who have taken any of NorthScale's training programs (including any demo). Apply here for an invite.

Our first 100 members will be our Charter Members. Charter members’ membership rate is heavily discounted for the first year. The first 50 who sign up lock in that rate for 2 years.

Mindful Leaders Society members also get 10% off private coaching packages, as available.

MLS launches Fall 2019, with groups commencing Winter 2020. There are limited spots available, are by invitation only, and are first-come, first served*

*Membership, Charter Member status, and discounted charter rate, aren't confirmed until we receive payment.