NorthScale trains minds the way elite athletes train bodies, using a carefully-crafted program of techniques with proven results. The executives and teams who work with us are trained in cognitive development science and zen practices to achieve their peak performance.

This is the most important work I’ve ever done for my career. Working with NorthScale has been a game changer for my performance, situational awareness and adaptability, and sense of daily groundedness. If you’re aiming to take your life to new heights, there’s no better choice than this program.
— Robert Hagemann -- Entrepreneur, CEO, Angel Investor, and Harvard Business School MBA

Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement

NorthScale services are different from other coaching and training programs: we combine the mental discipline of meditation with deep contemplative work to address and see through personal and professional barriers

Using our carefully curated curriculum, we help clients improve self-awareness and self-regulation, clarify goals, and surpass objectives. We provide the structure, discipline, and ongoing support for you and your team to continually improve mental agility, self-awareness, resiliency, focus, emotional intelligence, and productivity. 

The Great Discipline

For peak mental performance and wellness, you must train and discipline your mind daily.  NorthScale provides even the most high-functioning executives and teams the structure and embedded routines to perform better on a consistent basis.

This is not your typical “one and done” coaching program. We give you the tools and training to help you succeed for life, and to push your mind to new limits regularly. Our goal is to develop leaders with the mental capacity and agility to be calm, focused, and high-performing for the long term.

Who We Are

With decades of intensive Zen training, Ivy League degrees, and backgrounds as therapists, our team is committed to the discipline of helping you become your most effective, adaptive, and at-ease self.

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We offer one-on-one executive coaching, corporate group training, and immersive workshops to suit you as an individual or your whole team. All your performance improvement needs are met right here.

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There are mountains of evidence on the efficacy of mindful-based performance training. Learn how our methods can help improve everything from aptitude scores, to memory, to happiness. 

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