Mindful Leaders Society Application

NorthScale is developing a network of influential leaders promoting a mindful, observant, and inclusive future for business and society – one that is also disciplined, structured, and high-performing. Membership is limited to demonstrated leaders, with either an existing meditation practice or who have taken any of NorthScale's training programs (including any demo). Apply below for an invite.

While we’ll attempt to personally contact all applicants, we can only guarantee a response to those we’re inviting to be members. Thank you for your understanding.

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*if now functioning solely as an investor and/or board member, please state that here.
Please copy & paste the url to your Linkedin profile. If you're not on Linkedin, please provide a link to any corporate or board bio that can be found on the public domain. Thank you.
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No experience necessary. Please note: all new members must either attend a basic NorthScale training, demo, or take our online foundational meditation course. You do not need to retake a NorthScale program if you've already trained with us in any fashion.