NorthScale helps leaders and businesses be more innovative, agile & effective.

We train executives & staff in proven and straightforward methods that increase brain cortex, and still and focus the mind. 

Skills are presented simply, so they can be used immediately, without special props or equipment, accessible to anyone, from any background.

  • NorthScale equips professionals with a scientific and historical understanding of meditation, why it works, and how to do it. 
  • NorthScale provides small groups of select executives, as well as entire organizations, the long-term support, structure and discipline for an effective (i.e., consistent) practice.
Do you have the patience to wait until your
mud settles and your water is clear?
— Lao Tzu

Perfected by Buddhist Monks and Zen Teachers over three thousand years, neuroscientists have confirmed that mindfulness practice increases brain cortex, reduces anxiety, strengthens focus and improves resiliency.