NorthScale programs train you and your team to be structured, disciplined, calm and focused. 

Our goal is to develop a generation of calm, focused, high-performing leaders and teams. Our Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement (MBPE) program was developed and tested over two years, and is based in cognitive development science, zen meditation, and team-training best practices.

Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement options:

  • Corporate & Team trainings:
    • Fundamental Team Training Workshops and Retreats
      • Improve leadership and emotional intelligence
      • Enhance productivity; reduce stress and anxiety 
    • Ongoing Support
      • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly team trainings that run exactly one hour
      • Teams develop and enhance listening and speaking skills
      • Highly curated curriculum challenges and expands mental aptitude and agility 
      • Available in 4- to 44-week packages. 
    • Design and implementation of in-house, self-sustaining programs
    • Lunch & Learns (45-60 minutes)
    • Office hours for staff
      •  Confidential one-on-one coaching or counseling for staff; 45 minute sessions each
      • Available for full  day (12 sessions available per coach) or half day (6 sessions available per coach)
      • Can be combined with a 45-min group training session to start and/or end the day
    • e-mail with your name and number, and someone from our leadership will e-mail or call you back as soon as possible
  • Individual & Executive trainings:
    • Mindful Leadership Courses
      • 4-week programs to train and develop leaders in the basics of a personal meditation practice, with emphasis on how mindfulness improves key management skills like motivation, listening, negotiations, sales and resiliency in times of stress
        • Classes meet one hour per week for four consecutive weeks
        • Check our Events page for upcoming schedule
      • Two-to-Four hour basic workshops
        • Curriculum is an abbreviated version of our 4-week Mindful Leadership Course
          • While participants get the same information, they don't get extended time to practice or build relationships with the group, nor the weekly reinforcement or support to develop their own discipline over time, and grow their personal meditation practice.
          • Given monthly. Check our Events page for upcoming schedule
      • Full-day professional workshops and bootcamps
        • Check our Events page for upcoming schedule
    • One-on-One Coaching
      • Weekly 1 to 1.5 hour training sessions for serious clients
      • e-mail with your name and number, and someone from our leadership will e-mail or call you back as soon as possible
    • Mindful Leader's Society
      • NorthScale is working to develop an influential network of the next generation of leaders who work to move themselves, business and society forward
      • Designed for leaders who want to promote a mindful, observant and inclusive future for business and society, that is also disciplined, structured and high-performing
      • A forum where leaders meet every other week to:
        • Strengthen and hone their meditation practice
        • Examine professional, personal and mental challenges, and
        • Build important relationships with like-minded leaders
      • Members meet every other week for 1.5 hours in small groups (up to 12 people). Membership is available on a yearly or quarterly basis
      • Membership is limited to those with an existing meditation practice or who have taken any of NorthScale's training programs
      • For more detail, go to our dedicated page here. To apply, email

For additional information on any of our programs, email:


With practice, individuals can attain and maintain composure and self-possession under most any circumstance
– hallmarks of exceptional leaders –