NorthScale programs train leaders to be more structured, disciplined, calm and focused. 

We're developing a generation of calm, focused, high-performing leaders and teams with our Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement (MBPE) program. MBPE was developed and tested over two years, and is based in cognitive development science, focused-based meditation, and team-training best practices.

Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement options:

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
    • Different from other coaching: combines the mental discipline of meditation with deep contemplative work to address and see through personal and professional barriers
    • e-mail to book or more information
  • Corporate & Team trainings:
    • Signature Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement team-training program:
      • Grow, develop, and push focus, mental agility and resilience. 
      • Module One: by week 8, your team will significantly improve emotional intelligence, see through ideas of success and failure (stumbling blocks to performance and growth), and reduce stress while increasing productivity
        • By week 8, every one will be able to sit in quiet & stillness for 20mins/day
      • Module Two: by week 16, in addition to gaining statistically significant increases in self-awareness, emotional regulation, learning, and memory, your team will have developed and mastered your own in-house, self-sustaining meditation program.
    • 'Office hours' for staff
      • Confidential one-on-one coaching with a NorthScale coach, who has at least 10 years of intensive focus-based meditation training, is trained in NorthScale's proprietary methods, and is also a trained therapist
        • 40-minutes per private session
      • Combines seamlessly with MBPE and group training sessions
    • Workshops and Retreats
      • Concentrated trainings to improve leadership and emotional intelligence
      • Directly enhance productivity; reduce stress and anxiety
    • Ongoing Support
      • Teams develop and enhance listening and speaking skills
      • Our highly curated curriculum further challenges and expands aptitude and mental agility
    • Lunch & Learns (45-60 minutes)
    • e-mail to book or for more info
  • Mindful Leader's Network
    • NorthScale is developing a network of influential leaders who are moving themselves, business, and society forward through mental discipline and training
    • Designed for leaders who want to promote a mindful, observant and inclusive future for business and society – one that is also disciplined, structured and high-performing
    • A forum where leaders meet to:
      • Strengthen and hone their meditation practice
      • Examine professional, personal and mental challenges, and
      • Build important relationships with like-minded leaders
    • For more info and to sign up, go to our dedicated page
  • Public Group Trainings:
    • Mindful Leadership Courses
      • Varied-length programs that train and develop leaders in the basics of a personal meditation practice, with emphasis on how mindfulness improves key management skills like motivation, listening, negotiations, sales and resiliency in times of stress
        • Offered when possible. Check our Events page for upcoming schedule.
      • Full-day professional workshops and bootcamps
        • Check our Events page for upcoming schedule

For additional information on any of our programs, email:

With practice, individuals can attain and maintain composure and self-possession under most any circumstance
– hallmarks of exceptional leaders –