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Once a month or so, our founder or one of our leaders writes and sends a letter of quiet encouragement to a private list, mostly of those who have completed on of our fundamental training programs. If you are starting a mindfulness meditation practice, you are welcome to sign up and receive encouragement and guidance (an example e-mail is below the registration page). 

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Quiet ENCOURAGEMENT - Sept 14, 2016

“The Master does nothing,
Yet he leaves nothing undone.
The ordinary man is always doing things,
Yet many more are left to be done.”

                      - Chapter 38,  The Tao Te Ching

How can you get everything done, by doing nothing?

Actually, no.  
It seems counter-intuitive, and it is. 
But it works. 
Just like everything else about a meditation practice: counter-intuitive.

Somehow, when you stop and take at least 5 mins out of an impossibly busy day to sit in quiet, you have more time all day.
Somehow, when you stop trying to accomplish things, everything gets done. 

Things arise, you get them done without thinking.  
It’s your mind that gets in the way; your thoughts slow you down.

When you quiet your mind, you have more time, and everything gets done.
But you have to quiet your mind for any of this to work.

So start doing it - NOW. And, in that, have more time and get everything done*

Right now, take just 5 mins for you:
Take a deep, slow breath.
Notice your body; Release any tension in your jaw, shoulders, chest, hips, feet.
Set a timer for 5 mins, and put the phone down (and off).
For the next five mins, you’re doing nothing but breathing, so pay attention to your breath.
When your mind wanders, don’t judge it, just come back to the breath.
Over and over and over. 
That’s it.

Wishing you a calm, productive and peaceful day,

*5 mins once in a while will not get this result. Start 5 mins EVERY DAY, then move up to 10, then 15, then 20.
20 mins a day, every day, and the whole world opens up. And you are the Master.