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We can teach anyone to meditate, and to maintain a solid meditation practice. Especially those who think they can't. The program includes both our signature Core Principles workshop and Critical Theories & Practices - the 8 week foundational program that builds your meditation practice, and uses deep contemplative work to help you see through personal & professional barriers.  

By the end of 8 weeks, you'll have a solid 20-minute a day meditation practice. More, you'll have a bigger picture of yourself, and your life. You'll begin to be more at ease with how things are, and how life actually is.

- Signature Core Principles workshop. 
Two options:
  • Monday Sept 10, 8-10pm online
  • Monday Sept 17, 8-10pm online

- Foundational Critical Theories & Practices 8-Week Program
  • Mondays Sept 24–Nov 5, 2018
  • 8-9:20pm online

$137.50 per person ($275 after 9/24)

  • Limited to 40 ppl
  • Includes $1,000 off any 16-week private coaching package
  • Save additional $25 over buying 2-hour workshop + 8-week program separately

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Not ready for a whole 8-weeks? Begin to train your mind to be calm and focused under any circumstance in this two-hour online meditation workshopBy the end of two hours, you'll have built a solid, do-able 5-minute meditation practice. You'll know proper form, what to do when your mind races or you want to run, and how to use your stress and anxiety to your advantage (or any emotion, for that matter), as opposed to them using you. 

And, you'll understand how meditation directly leads better performance and success. For example, self-aware partners at a multi-national consulting firm earned $1.2M more per year than their counterparts, and GRE students  improved scores 16% when meditating for two weeks, a statistically significant improvement. A control group–who worked harder–had no statistically significant GRE score improvement. Evidence shows that meditating is more effective than working harder. 

Two options:
  • Monday Sept 10th, 8-10pm 10 online
  • Monday Sept 17th, 8-10pm 10 online

$25 per person ($40 after 9/17). Or, FREE w/the 8-week foundational program package*

*This workshop is included in the package. Best value is to get the package. Everyone wants to continue working with us after they take this workshop (they realize how important it is to maintain a meditation practice). Get the package, and get this workshop for free. 

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Level II of our Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement program builds upon the skills and knowledge built in the foundational 8-week program.

Science shows it's only after 8 straight weeks doing 20 minutes/day of focused-based meditation that you see a statistically significant improvement in learning, memory, and emotional regulation.

Our foundational program got you from 0-20 minutes. Level II keeps you at 20 for 8 weeks - the time science show it takes to get a super-hero's mind. Be the first to know when we open registration

Importantly, in these 8 weeks, we get into a deep dive of the mind, and investigate how and why we see ourselves–and the world–as we do. As we learn to challenge old assumptions, more possibilities open up. You'll become more at ease with life, and learn how to deftly flow with reality. As you get more out of your head, your creativity and drive with increase. You'll begin to see opportunities your mind had prevented you from seeing before (ie, MacGyver mind).

MONDAYS 8-9:20pm
Dates TBD (8 weeks total)

We'll announce launch to our private list during the 2018 Holiday Season