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NorthScale provides high-functioning teams and executives the structure and discipline to perform better.

Meditation-Based Performance Enhancement

We train minds the way athletes train bodies. We start with a practical and engaging foundational training program. From there we provide the structure, discipline, and ongoing support – using our carefully curated curriculum – for you and your team to continually improve mental agility, resiliency, focus, and productivity. 


Our goal is to develop calm, focused, high-performing teams and leaders. Mental capacity and agility are your greatest assets. They're the source of your – and your team's – success, creativity, resiliency, and happiness. For peak mental performance and wellness, you must train and discipline your mind daily.  More, your training should push your mind to new limits regularly. 

How are you currently training and challenging your mind? How are you investing in your – and your team's – mental capacities?  Click here for information on our individual and corporate programs.



NorthScale's programs train you and your team in skills empirically proven to improve cognition, focus, execution, performance, and adaptation. And, they also decrease stress and anxiety. What could your team achieve if it was more calm and focused?

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Consider evidence – from Harvard to the National Institute of Health – on the efficacy of mindful-based performance training on improving everything from GRE scores, to brain density, to happiness. 

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