NorthScale trains organizations, corporate teams, and executives (one-on-one or in private groups) to perform better.

Train Minds the Way Athletes Train Bodies
NorthScale goes beyond an exceptional foundational training program:
We provide the structure, discipline and support that enables you and your team to improve focus, mental agility, and productivity.

Train yourself and your staff in the practical skills used by elite organizations
– Google, facebook, Apple, The Marines, The Seattle Seahawks, among many others – 
to be more innovative, agile and engaged.


NorthScale helps leaders improve performance, resiliency and creative problem-solving, especially in times of stress.


NorthScale's training programs build skills empirically proven to improve cognition, focus, execution, performance, and adaptation. 

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Consider evidence – from Harvard to the National Institute of Health – on the efficacy of mindful-based performance training on improving everything from brain density, to happiness, to SAT scores. 

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