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May 1st: Beginner's Meditation Training Intensive

Meditation trains your mind to be calm, and focused, under any circumstance. 
If you've wanted to meditate but feel that you can't, or wonder if you're doing it right, or have you heard that you should meditate, but are skeptical and want to know more, we invite you to join us for our final workshop before the fall, Monday evening May 1st. 

In this two-hour skills-based workshop, you will learn how meditation works, why it works, and - most importantly -how to do it correctly. With many opportunities to practice throughout the class, you'll learn what to do with thoughts that start racing the minute you sit down to be quiet, as well as evidence that links meditation with improved performance and better leaders.

Learn to train your mind like you train you body, and begin to re-wire your brain to be more calm, more productive, more creative – and even have better relationships.  No chanting, no visualizing. Just you learning how - and why - to use your breath as a tool to focus the mind.

The training runs approximately two hours. Includes tea reception.

$35 online; $40 at the door.

This training is also the pre-requisite for our new Private Executive Meditation Group model that we'll be trialing this Spring. If you are interested in learning more about our Private Group practice, email