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Workshop: Meditation Made Simple. Tea reception to follow.

Train your brain like you train your body.

Meditation is training your mind to be calm and focused under any circumstances. It literally (i.e., there's scientific evidence) re-wires your brain to be more calm, more productive, more creative – and even have better relationships. 

While there are many ways to de-stress and, as much as many of us love wine (or running, or sleeping, or what-have-you), those things (wine, running, etc) just temporarily subdue stress. They don't address your stress. Meditation does. It actually changes how you handle things (the stressors don't change, you do). 

More, when stress or an emergency strike, wine or a run aren't always immediately available (or perhaps appropriate). Your breath (the root of meditation) always is. 

We teach the mechanics of a proper practice, with multiple opportunities to apply learnings throughout the class. No chanting, no visualizing. Just you learning how - and why - to use your breath as a tool to focus the mind.

This brief program provides a full scientific and historical background on the practice of meditation, providing participants the rationale to sit quietly each day, when there are so many other pulls on your time.

Friday Nov 4th, 5:30pm-7:30pm.
37 West 17th St, 6th fl.